This amazing documentary has immediately risen above all others during the 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic! Watch the thrilling and intimate events of Michael Jordan’s legendary journey. Enough Said! Just watch it. I am confident that you will thoroughly enjoy this memorable and epic documentary series produced by ESPN and NETFLIX. I give you my MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE 🙂

  1. Hoop Dreams

This marvelous documentary chronicles lives of two inner city teenagers from the south side of Chicago. Both Arthur Agee and William Gates have the dream of making it professionally in basketball, no matter what. This movie shows the viewer intimate details along their journey that takes unexpected and unfortunate twists and turns as they advance through high school preparing for the next level.

  1. Hoosiers

Every basketball fan above the age of 30 on the planet has seen this movie. Running the Picket Fence and the magic of Jimmy Chitwood. This is about the guts and glory of Indiana basketball. Coach Dale takes David and battles Goliath. Basketball fans….now is the time to see it again and watch it with your family and friends.

  1. He Got Game

This movie is the wonderful story of NBA Hall of Famer Ray Allen playing #1 high school recruit Jesus Shuttlesworth and his journey to avoid temptation. Spike Lee’s movie casts shade on the corrupt world of college recruiting and gives us a memorable movie that will always be relevant.

  1. High Flying Bird

High Flying Bird is a movie that follows a sports agent who must pull off a plan and execute a strategy for his rookie client during an NBA lockout. The film gives the viewer insight into the world of agents working with the pros. It also provokes you to think of WHAT IF pro athletes developed an effective strategy to wrestle power away from powerful owners; so they can have more control over generating wealth for themselves and their families. Are athletes high priced and oppressed employees? This is a great movie to discuss with friends and NBA fans. Fans of all professional sports will also enjoy this powerful movie. Interesting Trivia: This movie was successfully shot and produce using IPHONE technology.

  1. Glory Road

Glory Road is the story of Texas Western University and Coach Don Haskins (Josh Lucas) when he takes shows a struggling basketball program and transforms it into a national power by recruiting black basketball player. This is a story of the fight for equality and how Coach Haskins makes history  by starting an all black starting line up in the NCAA Championship game. The Texas Western team overcomes many challenges along their journey and there are memorable individual character moments along the way to to become a ray of light in the world as they become the 1966 NCAA National Champions. This is a TOP TEN favorite on every list.

  1. More Than A Game

This is the story of Lebron James growing up through adversity; while developing strong relationships with coaches and forming friendships that have endured and developed during his amazing basketball journey and life.

  1. Black Magic

This is a documentary that tells the amazing story of amazing black basketball players playing the game they love, as the popularity of basketball grew in the USA. The story details this growth as it endured the challenges in America and the Civil Rights struggles of many coaches and players during this time.

  1. Coach Carter

Samuel L. Jackson plays Coach Carter and creates a legend for movie goers and fans of sports movies. Coach Carter shows us how he challenges and inspires student athletes who need the most help. His hard charging style is polarizing and this makes for great entertainment and a wonderful story.

  1. Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals

This is the bigger than life story of the rivalry betwenn Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and how it changed the world of basketball forever. So many chapters are pivotal in this story. Race, resurrecting the NBA, and the HIV disease play significant roles in this legendary story.

  1. On the Shoulders of Giants: The Story of the Greatest Team You Have Never Heard Of

This story was directed by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and it chronicles the story of basketball before integration within the sport and a team that was not included in many history books. The movie gives us the history of basketball and the rise of the first great team with all black players and coaches and the story of their celebration and triumph.

  1. Rebound: The Legend of Earl “The Goat” Manigault

This movie is the mesmerizing real life story of Earl Manigault who could almost literally jump out of the gym. His life is going down the wrong path and a good samartin guides in through the pitfalls of urban life and provides an opportunity to go to college and refine his God Blessed basketball talent. Unfortunately, Earl cannot stay on the right path. This is the reality of so many lives in this world. We feel pain for Earl in this heartfelt movie.

  1. Cornbread, Earl, and Me

This is a tragic basketball story that stirs our emotions. A beautiful story turns dark when a the young star basketball player with a bright future is murdered. The agonizing segments of this movie leads the viewer into a court room and leaves reaches deep inside our hearts. This is another hidden treasure on this list that many never saw and anyone under age 40 may not be aware that this great movie exists.

  1. Love and Basketball

This movie has become iconic for mixing romance and love while striving for the future in life and within the dreams of young people. Basketball is the background for this movie of teenagers as a couple growing and climbing to reach their goals. This is a terrific movie.

  1. Michael Jordan to the Max

This is an IMAX film released in 2000. The film is about the life and career of basketball player Michael Jordan, focusing mainly on his final 1998 playoff journey and other significant achievements in his career. It is narrated by Laurence Fishburne. The film includes appearances by numerous celebrities and professional athletes.

  1. White Men Can’t Jump

This movie creates so much fun and comedy for the viewer. Two basketball rivals and hustlers are endearing characters in an exceptional movie that that will make you laugh out loud. You will definitely feel like you watched an outstanding movie that you will always remember. Watch it again.

  1. Above the Rim

It’s nearly impossible to keep track of how many dunks occur in Above the Rim, a movie that takes its title very seriously. The kind of street ball its high school hotshot protagonist Kyle (Duane Martin) embraces is in opposition to the style his head coach and college scouts want him to play. A glorified ball hog, Kyle gets in too deep with a Harlem drug dealer (a villainous Tupac Shakur), whose older brother (Leon), a former high school star turned security guard, begins dating Kyle’s mother. The performances—including small roles for Marlon Wayans and Bernie Mac—give extra weight to an unpredictable playground tournament finale that is wonderful and frightening at the same time.

  1. Space Jam

Aside from creating an earworm hit song, Space Jam provided the ideal star vehicle for Michael Jordan, whose mythos enhanced with this classic entertainment venture. Mixing animation with some of the game’s biggest stars, the movie teams Jordan up with the Looney Tunes to play a basketball game against supercharged aliens that have taken his NBA peers’ skills hostage. The “MonStars” soon learn they should never challenge a team featuring the greatest of all-time, especially when he has help from Bill Murray, who continues his demon defeating on the hardwood.

  1. The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend

This is the story of a father and son who had a mission to become the best. Pistol Pete Maravich was driven to become the best by a demanding father who was also his coach. Pete became Pistol Pete and a legend in his youth and his accomplishments continued to exceed expectations as he became the most legendary college basketball player of his time. Pistol Pete’s legend continued into the NBA, but demons followed him throughout his career. This is movie is an outstanding blend of history and entertainment.

  1. Blue Chips

This is the fictional movie of a coach that resembles and acts like the legendary coach Bobby Knight. The fictional coach recruits star talent and creates magic from a group of interesting and challenging young men. Their adventures on and off the court makes for an amazing movie

  1. The Doctor

This is the Documentary and story of Julius Erving and his climb from high school player to the University of Massachusetts to playground legend to NBA stardom. It also gives an intimate look into Dr. J’s life.

  1. Without Bias

This is the tragic story of how Len Bias was was drafted number one by the Boston Celtics only to die tragically of a drug overdose. This tragedy affected so many people with the basketball world.

  1. Iverson

This is an awesome documentary and story about the life and times and epic moments of one of the most exciting basketball players. He was one of the smallest NBA players but became a legend in his own time. The story tells the story of his trouble being charged with a crime before going to Georgetown University then to the Philadelphia 76ers.

  1. Whatever Happened to Micheal Ray?

This is a documentary and story of Michael Ray Richardson and how his promising career as the next Walt Frazier for the New York Knicks was derailed by drug abuse. His life and NBA career was derailed and ended by his continuous abuse of drugs and ultimately concludes with his lifetime ban from the game that he loved.

  1. The Heart of The Game

This is a women’s basketball story set in high school. Creative and visionary coach takes at-risk student athlete under his wing and provides guidance that motivates his star athlete to overcome and become a leader and a champion. Several challenges threaten to sabotage and derail the team and the star player along their journey. Please watch this movie that is a hidden treasure. You will thank me.

  1. Shut Up and Dribble

This is a recent three-part documentary series named after a phrase used by a FOX News TV host and directed at Lebron James and his social commentary about current and contemporary issues.

  1. Doin’ It In The Park

New York City may be the basketball capital of the world. This documentary chronicles New York City pick-up and playground basketball and introduces us to the legends that grew up playing in those parks and popular outdoor tournaments.

  1. Basketball: A Love Story

This is a new ESPN 10-part documentary that shares the stories of many legends and how they love the game and sacrifice to rise to stardom and affect the world.

  1. The Fab Five

Who can forget the story of five exceptionally talented freshman who played basketball at the University of Michigan and changed the basketball world by starting as a group and affecting the basketball culture.

  1. Benji

This is a documentary and story of Chicago basketball legend Benji Wilson. This story displays the circumstances in his community and the moments that lead to his untimely death in 1984 during his senior year in high school. This is a heartbreaking story that shakes the basketball community.

  1. Spirit of the Game

Based on the real story of the “Mormon Yankees,” this movie tells the true story of Mormon LDS missions and how college students develop and idea and plan to form a basketball team in Australia. The team overcomes many challenges and represents the church and the community by playing exhibition games versus Olympic Teams during the lead up to the 1956 Summer Olympics.

*BONUS MOVIES – COACHING Great Talent is a Blessing!   


This is the wonderful and mesmerizing story of and at-risk is and inner-city high school student-athlete. His star shines on the basketball court, but his true genius is his writing skill. Jamal is an average student but he is recruited to a prestigious prep school.  Jamal is helped and motivated to raise his game in the classroom by a Pulitzer-prize winning author who is living on the Down Low far from the spotlight. This wonderful story weaves the journey of the highs and lows of embracing your gift and moving beyond your dreams and into making your dreams reality. Journeys like this will always cut like a knife and change lives.


This movie is about a music band director who teaches and coaches a prodigy. This prodigy is a  young man and drummer who interacts with an excellent coach. This could be the scenario in any sport. How do you coach an emerging prodigy? How do you make a young man or woman realize that they are meant to be more than they realize. How do you use your talent and leadership to give birth to a True Star? For any Hoops or Sports Fan who is a student of the game; you will enjoy this wonderful film about pushing to the edge and coaching talent.